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QSPL150–How to Live a Quality, Sentient, Productive Life, to age 150 and beyond

Is it possible to live to age 150? Not today, or somebody would be doing it. However, today’s scientists and physiologists believe that nothing stands in the way of extending human life to that age.

Not just the body, of course. There would be little point (at least to the person whose body is involved) in living that long without one’s mental faculties making the trip as well.

And not just the mind, but the body–capable of moving us around, keeping us fit, and allowing us to engage in activities like those we enjoyed in our youth–is just as important. In fact, without a fit body, it seems doubtful that the mind would remain fit for long.

All systems must be “go” or we go. That’s the way it works.

Now, here’s a little secret: the object isn’t so much to live to age 150 as it is to live as long as you can, with as much of your faculties as possible, so you are–rather than a burden–a productive member of society. If that is age 68, great. It may be older, or younger, but whatever the age your body can handle, that’s the age that QSPL150 is shooting for. The point is not to get to that age saying “If I’d known I’d live this long, I would have taken better care of myself.” Let’s start taking better care of ourselves now, in anticipation of reaching a ripe, old age, healthy, wealthy, and wise, as Ben Franklin would put it, saying “I hoped I’d live this long, and that’s why I took such good care of myself.”

Stay tuned as we flesh this out with meaty content.



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