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About Bods in the News

This website has one purpose, to serve as a conduit for information you can use to improve your diet, your health, and your life experience. As a naturalist, I am constantly knee-deep in analyses of various kinds of ill health. Over the years, my focus has been on the health of man-made structures, and on living organisms from nematodes, to termites, furry animals and the full range of plant life. As I grow older–now pushing 70–some of my physiological systems are acting like they think they can get away with operating at less-than-optimal levels. Consequently, my focus has increasingly shifted to the health of the human body.

I know how important it is to maintain optimum health. When health is good, life is good, but when health wanes, life… well, it isn’t pretty.

All my life I’ve had more than a passing interest in the proper functioning of all parts of the human body. In the late 1950’s, when preparing for college, I chose a pre-Medical curriculum. For lots of reasons, though I have nothing but high regard for today’s medical professionals, I’m glad I chose not to follow that career path. Being a doctor is a killer of a job, in more ways than one. Isn’t it ironic that those who are charged with keeping us fit are forced into a lifestyle  that tends to shorten theirs?

Ironic and sad. For all the doctors who read this, please… you, too, have a choice, and that choice–for every one of us, doctor, lawyer, arachnologist, plumber, exterminator, you name it–should be to live life to its fullest and healthiest. That’s what this website is all about.

But to make this website work, you will have to participate. I can’t do it alone. Today, getting involved is a snap, too. Every posting on this website is a moderated blog. You can post your comments and let everyone know what you think about things. And if you have a position on something posted here that adds important information, or that is at variance with the posted content, please give the rest of us the benefit of your views.



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